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President Bestows Satya Lencana Award on Three Soldiers

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President Bestows Satya Lencana Award on Three Soldiers
President Joko Widodo. (ANTARA/Puspa Perwitasari)
Biak, Papua (Antara Babel) - Three soldiers of the Indonesian Army (TNI) deployed in Biak Numfor, Papua, received the Satya Lencana award from President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) for their flawless devotion to the Army.

The decision to confer the award on the soldiers by President Jokowi was penned in Presidential Letter Number 34 dated April 3, 2017.

The three recipients of the award were Sergeant Major Sukardi of the TNI/Ground Forces for his 24 years of flawless devotion, Second Sergeant Suudi of the Navy for 16 years of service, and Head Soldier Edi Sutrisno of the Air Force for serving eight years.

The Satya Lencana award was presented by the president through Manuhua Biak Air Force Commander Colonel Marsudiranto on Thursday to coincide with TNI's 72nd anniversary.

The award was conferred on soldiers that had devoted eight, 16, or 24 years to the service of the nation by fulfilling their duties flawlessly and delivering optimal performance.

The other area judged for bestowing the award was the loyalty of the soldier in performing his duty to protect Indonesia's sovereignty.

TNI's 72nd anniversary was celebrated in Biak Numfor by showcasing the army and tactical vehicles, led by Battalion Commander of the 468 Sarotama Troop Commando Lieutenant Colonel Paulus Purwadi.

The base also conducted a mock drill depicting the colossal drama of the Bandung 1946 fight, led by 1708 Military District Commando Lieutenant Colonel Suhendra Gunawan along with a drum band performance by the Raider 753/AVT Battalion of Nabire.

Editor: Rustam Effendi


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